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An Introduction to Orchard and Shipman...

Why this website was started and what is my aim?

Hello and welcome to OrchardandShipmanSUCKS.co.uk - a website dedicated to my experience with Orchard and Shipman, the sole letting agency responsible for housing council tenants in Edinburgh and the Lothians.

I've lived in my one of my father's properties for close to three years and during the course of this I've had some less than enjoyable experiences. Living in an area with a high rental market is never going to be a smooth ride, but I can put my hand on my heart and say at least 90% of the tenants that have come and gone in my block/area have been pleasant.

That is, until now. You see, one of the property owners decided to let out his flat via Orchard and Shipman. Under their five year lease agreement, the landlord passed the control of his property to Orchard and Shipman in return for a guaranteed income (even if no residents were living in the property) and what they thought would be an easy life.

Perhaps an easy life for them, but not for the other residents in the block. Incident after incident occured and complaint after complaint was made, yet Orchard and Shipman have been about as useful as a concrete parachute. I've been in touch with the local Community Police Officer and the council too, the former who is very supportive but the latter is also useless.

So, after months of tearing my hair out I decided to setup this website to educate anyone thinking of using Orchard and Shipman to avoid them at all costs and for other angry residents to unite, sign my petition and get rid of this monopoly operation.

I hope someone, somewhere, will pick up on this and hopefully homeowners and tenants around the Edinburgh and Lothians can live in peace once again.

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